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Opel Corsa versus Peugeot 208 – Fraternal Twins (ENG) Comparison, Test Drive, Review

Kanał YouTube „Marek Drives” opublikował nowy filmik.
Serdecznie zapraszamy do oglądania i subskrybowania kanału.

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O Mateusz Stepien

Mateusz Stepien
Właściciel firmy Magic-IT, wielki fan motoryzacji, który nie boi się dzielić swoją wiedzą.

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Kanał YouTube „Marek Drives” opublikował nowy filmik. Serdecznie zapraszamy do oglądania i subskrybowania kanału.

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  1. Avatar

    i much prefer the look of the corsa

  2. Avatar
    Steve Holderness

    208 – no doubt

  3. Avatar

    208 with Corsa interior. It's like PSA designed the cars to have compromises from the get go

  4. Avatar

    Great video (I do not recall you ever making a poor video)! I love to see reviews of cars, especially small cars, that are unavailable in North America. I’m surprised that you think that this pair do not look like “badge engineered” twins. To me, one looks like the mid-cycle refresh of the other. Perhaps your outlook is influenced by your impression that each model has a completely different driving character. I think I would choose the Citroen for style and comfort; the Opel looks too much like every Chevy we get in the states.

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      To me badge engineering is something like our Opel Insignia and your Buick Regal. That's basically the same car with a different badge on the hood. The Corsa and the 208 differ significantly in terms of design and somewhat in terms of handling.

  5. Avatar

    Opel Corsa in this case, but overall Renault Clio is the best in this category.

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    Łukasz Lewczuk

    I definitely prefer Corsa. Not only for the driving impression. I can see more logic and practical sense in Opel and more "wow effect" in Peugeot – personally I always choose the pro-user solutions. So Opel. For sure. Thamks for the comparison – good job !!

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    I rather like the way you don't talk over the whole video and let the viewer concentrate on the visual as presented by you – a bit of class on your part.

  8. Avatar

    Peugeot 208, because it's the better car of the 2. but I also get why some would like the Corsa

    • Avatar
      Łukasz Lewczuk

      Try both. Drive them for a while. You would be suprised with Corsa – maybe you would change your mind 😉 Regards!

  9. Avatar
    Jacques Du Plessis

    In south Africa Peugeot doesn't sell well so I'd probably go for the corsa

  10. Avatar

    1:05 The asymmetry of that wheel design bugs me so much, why couldn't they design it to fit around the 4 nut design better. Not like that many people care to be honest but still.

  11. Avatar

    corsa 100%

  12. Avatar

    corsa for me

  13. Avatar

    Out of the new 208 and Corsa, I'd choose the Corsa then go buy a fiesta, just a better car 👍

  14. Avatar

    The issues you had with the 208 road handling is 100% tire related. Bad tires will make the best car feel unpredictable, not just less grippy.

    The Corsa is way too stiff, I had ride in the back on a fairly smooth road and it was awfully uncomfortable. For a city car, comfort is the priority imho.

    • Avatar

      The twist beam is very lively regardless of the tires. I have drive the 130hp on Michelins, and it was a bit iffy when going fast through the corners.

  15. Avatar
    Jarek Roitapfel

    Maybe you could add a survy to the end of the video? Would be interesting to see where people stand on these too. I would rather the Peugeot since I've seen a few of the new Corsas already around and they seem to be a bit bland looking.

  16. Avatar

    the new I20!

  17. Avatar

    Wait, Marek is banned from the forest? Nice review btw, thanks for delivering us this great reviews, during this difficult times.

  18. Avatar

    I would go for Peugeot only designwise, but to be honest both cars are a "no-no" for me…

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    beautfiul cars

  21. Avatar

    Nice one!
    Corsa is for my teenage self, aggressive with angles. On the other hand, 208 is for me when I will have kids.
    ***Next one: Suzuki Ignis VS Fiat Panda.

  22. Avatar

    I'd have the Corsa all day long, bullet proof cars that keep going, at least they did when owned by GM

  23. Avatar

    Always physical air controllers… As long as there is any such new or used car for sale I will not waste my money on stupid buttons hidden somewhere in silly digital menu.

  24. Avatar

    208 100%

  25. Avatar

    Good review Marek,but awful backing soundtrack,might be better without it!

  26. Avatar

    Love these new comparison videos

  27. Avatar
    murat tolga Kocagul

    prefer corsa because more conservative

  28. Avatar
    Tochukwu Ezinwa


  29. Avatar

    Among this two- Dacia Sandero Stepway Diesel top trim

  30. Avatar

    Opel Corsa without a doubt. However, its launch pricing in South Africa is still to be seen.

  31. Avatar

    My corsa e vxr which smoked the Peugeot other day not found a corsa yet! lol I got 241bhp tho, decatted😹 obviously not a fair fight! but they over took, so I over took both cars. used a fair bit of fuel tho not gonna lie! Byebye lion are those tears streaming down you're face!? 😭

  32. Avatar

    Pug looks better but vauxhall has cool headlights! And the egdes of the front bumper, you could make a better car out of merging the 2 n sticking a psa badge on it instead of jumping on old design language bandwagon's. but they're OK really! i want an electric fiat uno turbo mk4 that focuses on speed! It could have a 100mile range but a solar roof for me. Rear side windows! why!? solar panel them aswell, put pop out pedals in for when in traffic or doing 30mph, pedal backwards to brake, press a button to retract and exchange with the car pedals lol I need at least 0-60 in 4 seconds if I'm ditching combustion and my car goes 145+ so yeah……
    Removable battery packs would be good, so you could sacrifice boot space to have a spare connected for long journeys with a roof pod for the luggage or another spare battery (careful around corners). May aswell ditch most of the batteries tho n have a little diesel generator with big fuel tank then have it doing 0-60 in 1.8secs 4 motors powering each wheel cramped interior no safety CRAP, fux YEAH!! Solar bonnet, looks like carbon🤷‍♂️

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    Neither of them . They both cost over 21.000€. A lot of money for segment B cars. With this kind of money you can buy most of the segment C cars ,well equiped ,witch are far more better in every aspect.

  34. Avatar
    Janne Väätäinen

    Double floor is very practical and probably costs very little, so it really should be in every small car these days.

  35. Avatar

    I really appreciate your reviews 👍. I would take the 208 home because I like how it looks. I had a 207 and although it was not perfect I loved that car. However, I don't think we need a 360deg camera so badly on a B segment car 😄. Cheers!

  36. Avatar

    Opel/Vauxhall look too French now. Great review as usual Marek.

  37. Avatar

    I feel a code brown comming for you =))))

  38. Avatar

    We get neither in Canada and that upsets me lol

    • Avatar

      I'd choose the Opel. Peugeot's interior is cool, but not intuitive.

    • Avatar

      What's the smallest you get in Canada? I've rented a Nissan Micra once. I think I've seen Yaris and other superminis. But Peugeot & co. are generally unavailable in NA. I think they tried once in the US in the 1990s, and failed miserably.

  39. Avatar

    208 for me,it reminds me of the 205. Corsa just looks shit in comparison.

  40. Avatar

    208 by a mile

  41. Avatar

    I just cannot understand why some manufacturers can't be arsed to spray-paint or pad the boot floor (and bonnet underside). How many freaking cents does it save them? Maybe these cars are budget runabouts in Europe, but in some markets like Singapore where I come from, Continental cars are always sold at a premium vs. Asian ones and this is especially true of PSA models. And the reasons to choose Continental makes, especially French cars, are evaporating fast as the likes of Toyota already have the lead in hybrid efficiency and build quality and are quickly catching up in interior and ride quality. Come on, PSA, you can do better than this. Sorry for the rant, Marek and all, great video as usual.

  42. Avatar

    Corsa, I like the looks of the 208, but I always choose usability over looks and since the controls via display seem very irritating when I just want to change the temperature it's an absolute no go for me. I have to be aware of the road as a driver and on a display without feeling the buttons I just can't do that and it will be more likely to accidentally crash when you play on the display than when I just look on the road and feel the buttons I need to turn

  43. Avatar

    If Opel or Peugeot comes to U.S. if I would pick I will go with Opel because because I like their designs when Astra came to the states 2009.

  44. Avatar

    I bought the 208 in blue last week and just the design is amazing! The futuristic cockpit is exactly for me!

  45. Avatar

    The comfort and silence of the 208 is what makes that car the best car in it’s class and maybe also in a class above!?

  46. Avatar

    The 208's exterior is gorgeous. Fantastic exterior design

  47. Avatar

    It's better to buy Opel than Peugeot, it's like comparing Frankfurt/Main to Sochaux/Belfort/Montbeliart.

  48. Avatar
    Ambienfinity Music

    I like the 208, but I suspect here in Britain the Opel (sold as Vauxhall) might be a bit cheaper and is a very smart thing indeed. The 208 is a designer's dream, I know, but I actually like the more conservative interior design of the Opel.

  49. Avatar
    Seve Sellors

    Great video, great review, now how do you rate the Clio and C3 against these two, which would you buy?

    • Avatar
      Marek Drives

      I still think the Clio is the best of the bunch. The C3 is just old, and AFAIR it had terrible seats.

  50. Avatar

    I read somewhere the corsa had to be designed with in a year as PSA had taken over and wanted to put their own stamp on it and I think you can tell it was rushed. It lacks the design touches that make the Peugeot that bit more special.

  51. Avatar

    I'd chose the Renault Clio

  52. Avatar
    יובל לחמי

    why not testting the gt line???🤦‍♂️

  53. Avatar

    Very hard decision really

  54. Avatar

    I tested both. The steering wheel in 208 sucks major ass. I couldnt find a position where i found it comfortable. Also the usability is bad in 208 becouse you control verything via display and it is very irritating. In the end i choose Corsa. It should arive in 2 weeks but there will probably be some delay becouse Corona.

  55. Avatar

    i hate VW but a polo highline seems an overall better option than both opel and pug..

  56. Avatar

    Opel corsa

  57. Avatar

    Wonder why they stopped the 3 door variant of these. Shame really.

  58. Avatar

    Old ones look better, these new ones like like shite

  59. Avatar

    Czy jest szansa na podobne porównanie dla Ford Kuga 2020 plug in vs. Toyota Rav4 hybryda 2020

  60. Avatar
    Stone Coldest

    Opel all the way great car and more reliable

  61. Avatar
    Alex Svensek

    Opel all the way!

  62. Avatar
    Nik Gnashers

    I like the style of your video, the editing, and narration is very good.
    Thumbs up from me.
    As for the cars, neither interest me, both are good cars at their price points but not the best. For the money, I'd much rather have a Hyundai, a lot more standard kit, better reliability, etc….
    I'll stick with my M140i thanks :-))
    Peugeot 208 from £15,00 – Hyundai i20 from £13,566
    Autotrader 4/5 Autotrader 4.5/5

  63. Avatar
    Anders Nielsen

    The integrated screen in the Corsa makes it for me. The screen in 208 and a hell of a lot of other cars, just disqualify it, no matter what car it is.

  64. Avatar
    Ian Stewart Orr

    Same bloody car

  65. Avatar
    FoXhOuNd Ikke

    We have buy the 208 Aktiv 100 ps and I buy some extra for gt line by my musketeer peugoet tuning dealer. We buy in black colour.

  66. Avatar
    Ahmad Abu Sneineh

    Obv 208
    Much better looking inside the and out

  67. Avatar
    Chappers Gaming

    finally a vid on this

  68. Avatar
    Mr Superfedtmule

    yeah and now I can just sit back and wait for one of the cars to catch fire since opel is made by a PSA now so sad

  69. Avatar

    @Marek What is it at 11:19 in front of the cars? Looks like an old abandoned motorway or something like that.

  70. Avatar
    Miloš Živković

    Clio 😁

  71. Avatar

    Opel ofcourse

  72. Avatar
    Raquel Almeida

    If I only could have de 208 exterior with the corsa interior …

  73. Avatar
    Me Ballerman

    Opel made 1 big mistake: The instrument layout with the driving mode and the temp and fuel gauge in the middle, and the IMPORTANT DRIVING INSTRUMENTS, the speedometer and the rev meter out to the sides is right out inexpedient. Horrible mistake. I have a Corsa C model with the speedometer and the rev meter in the middle, and the fuel gauge and the temp gauge to each side. PERFECT. Monstrous mistake to center the lesser instruments, and throw the main instruments to the side.

    A shared mistake of both cars is to make the vision out the rear window so miserable that they need a camera – a camera that isn't even up to the task. Hmm – maybe Opel should not have ganged together with a French manufacturer after all? But still; I'd choose the Corsa of course.

  74. Avatar

    I hate France and their products.

  75. Avatar

    I'd rather go for the Peugeot because the Peugeot and the quality is better.but I wouldn't get any of them I would just buy an Alfa Romeo

  76. Avatar
    terry stanton

    it might be interesting if they used the same platform and made a 5 door fiat 500

  77. Avatar

    When I can choose between a german quality car and a french one, then it's not much of a question.

  78. Avatar

    The Opel ist 🇩🇪

  79. Avatar

    If it is automatic Peugeot for sure for design. If it is Manuel Peugeot for design

  80. Avatar

    Which one would you choose?
    There's no combinations, it's one or the other!

  81. Avatar

    the corsa new shape 🤢 the peugeot look nice 👍

  82. Avatar
    Gurbetçi Furkan

    Both are perfect in my opinion, I like the Corsa a little bit more but if I would buy one I would go for the 208 though. Because I am a little short I really want a good armrest and the 208's is higher then the Corsa's however not sure if its high enough. I really wonder why car reviewers never talk about it. I have a Civic with a great armrest whenever I drive our old I30 I miss the feeling of the armrest. Idk maybe its just me but I care a lot about it 🙂

  83. Avatar
    Noob de Busca

    Both looks amazing, but Peugeot is in my heart

  84. Avatar
    Νίκος Κακαζιάνης

    Οpel is the best!!!!

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