Volkswagen T-Cross 1.5 TSI 150hp – The One With More Oomph! (ENG) – Test Drive and Review – [Video]

Kanał YouTube „Marek Drives” opublikował nowy filmik.
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O Mateusz Stepien

Mateusz Stepien
Właściciel firmy Magic-IT, wielki fan motoryzacji, który nie boi się dzielić swoją wiedzą.

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Kanał YouTube „Marek Drives” opublikował nowy filmik. Serdecznie zapraszamy do oglądania i subskrybowania kanału.

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    Very objective review. Ordered 1.5 DSG at mid January, received at late May; VW increased price of all models at early April, although prices may still vary a lot throughout Europe. I was lucky enough to score a Style package (no NAV) unit for less than 24k EUR. To focus on engine performance, I'll say that it's quite refined, internally almost silent below 2.5k RPM, from outside revving sounds just like standard 4-cyl. Decent torque plays well on uphill or during overtaking outside cities. Since I'm still trying to act nice to throttle (running in), in just a few recent occassions I felt what it can deliver a nice kick when asked. 2-cylinder mode is a great fuel saver, in drive you can't feel when it switches on or off. Since I have no previous experience in AT or DSG, impressions could be a bit subjective but if there were issues with DSG and this 1.5 EVO engine on other VAG vehicles before 2020, I can assure you this is either fixed or refactored – no jinking or kangaroo effect. I plan to use DSG's manual mode more often as old MT habbits die hard. Fuel economy is up to 6.5L in city, same as gentle out-of-city breeze; highways will get you near 8L if you cross above 140km/h. Things to watch over ? Scratchy plastic everywhere, very easy to be damaged if not careful. Also, this aint Ford Focus, you can enter the turn with high speed but getting out in one piece can be challenging; you can feel the roll just a bit to remind you where your limits start. Final impressions – not suitable for adrenaline addicts, people with severe trauma of VW or German engineering. Others might consider this car as a good benchmark against other alternatives.

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    Cars and SUV's are so expensive these days, I remember when you could get a brand new Ford Focus for £9,995 🙂

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    VW products are so tedious. Laziest designers in the car industry.

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    Which is better T-cross or kia stonic ?