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Nissan X-Trail 2020 – The Affordable Family SUV (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

Kanał YouTube „Marek Drives” opublikował nowy filmik.
Serdecznie zapraszamy do oglądania i subskrybowania kanału.

Źródło do kanału:

O Mateusz Stepien

Mateusz Stepien
Właściciel firmy Magic-IT, wielki fan motoryzacji, który nie boi się dzielić swoją wiedzą.

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Kanał YouTube „Marek Drives” opublikował nowy filmik. Serdecznie zapraszamy do oglądania i subskrybowania kanału.

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    nice vid and review man 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Age of design showing.

  3. Avatar
    Robert Czarnowski

    Dlaczego powiedomienia o Twoich filmach są w wersji ENG? 😐

  4. Avatar

    Nice to see you have started the new year in a jolly laid back way. Don't shout at me but : happy new year Marek. 😨😏🚀

  5. Avatar

    why do almost japanese dashboards look so old?

  6. Avatar

    In the US and Canada, the rogue still sells very well. I drove one as a rental car and it's awful.

    • Avatar

      I get these (and smaller Rogue Sport) as rentals all the time. I don't think they are awful at all. They are not class-leading in any respect, but given their discount (usually thousands of dollars) to Honda and Toyota, I can see why people buy them. The ride is smooth and quiet and the interior is roomy. Enthusiats whine about the CVT, but if you don't drive it like an idiot (it is a family CUV, not a BMW M car afterall), it's completely transparent.

  7. Avatar
    Andreja Milojkovic

    Do the test of the facelifted Kadjar.
    With the new engines and a bit more modern cabine, it’s great value for money.

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    Dionisius Kusuma

    The new generation of this car (Nissan Rogue as called in USA) is currently being tested. It will have a new modern interior befitting today's standard

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    Wow, this must a complete SLUG with those tiny motors you get in Poland. Here in North America, we get 2.5L petrol with about 170-180hp: no speed demon but fine. And our motor still gets >30mpg (less than 8 litre/100km). Where are yours manufactured? Here they are made in USA, not in Japan.

    • Avatar

      I assume it's made in one of Nissan's Far Easter plants.
      When you say >30mpg, do you mean city or highway? Because driving at a constant speed for a couple hundred miles you're going to get much better result in this one.

    • Avatar

      Marek Drives 30mpg combined city and highway. I’m not surprised your tiny petrol has better economy.

    • Avatar

      It's not that simple. Smaller engines tend to do well in a limited rev/speed band. A larger displacement engine is usually significantly more efficient at high speed. Which begs the question, do we need large displacement engines at all (besides specific tasks, where power and torque are needed, like maybe in pickup trucks and off-roaders)? In most cases the speed limit is 120-140 km/h, so a V8 or V12 basically idles at that speed 🙂

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    Carlos Ghosn, the former Nissan chairman who fled Japan while facing four criminal charges, has vowed to clear his name and said his detention was the result of the actions of "a handful of unscrupulous, vindictive individuals at Nissan" – I think that those individuals were X-Trail owners.

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    Looks pretty nice, but it does not stand out. I like station wagons best.

  12. Avatar

    Now that's what I call a great review…..warts and all. Well done Marek 🙂

  13. Avatar

    Duster is a better car

    • Avatar

      It's smaller, and has no 7-seater option. It's different. Also, I don't think the current engine lineup is enough to achieve the 95g CO2 average, so the Duster is likely to become very expensive very soon.

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    Fransia Potiente

    It’s really very annoying seeing that all the car companies reducing the cost of making a model in order to increase their profit. And in the end the result is an ugly car, poor quality everywhere and accessories from the past decade. And I haven’t mentioned the price that is totally absurd

  15. Avatar

    Marek będzie focus 🙂 czy wygonili cię z salonu forda?

  16. Avatar

    Sarcastic and down to earth reviews are the most sutisfying to watch. That's why I'm still subscribed. Creds for showing bad quality aspects of the car. I think it is imported as a honest car reviewer to pay attention to this kind of stuff. Also we, your watchers as potentional buyers appreciate it. Best wishes for in the 2020!. PS: any chance of reviewing a PHEV from top/most popular brands any soon?

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