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Nissan X-Trail 2020 – The Affordable Family SUV (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

Kanał YouTube „Marek Drives” opublikował nowy filmik.
Serdecznie zapraszamy do oglądania i subskrybowania kanału.

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O Mateusz Stepien

Mateusz Stepien
Właściciel firmy Magic-IT, wielki fan motoryzacji, który nie boi się dzielić swoją wiedzą.

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Kanał YouTube „Marek Drives” opublikował nowy filmik. Serdecznie zapraszamy do oglądania i subskrybowania kanału.

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    nice vid and review man 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Age of design showing.

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    Robert Czarnowski

    Dlaczego powiedomienia o Twoich filmach są w wersji ENG? 😐

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    Nice to see you have started the new year in a jolly laid back way. Don't shout at me but : happy new year Marek. 😨😏🚀

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    why do almost japanese dashboards look so old?

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    In the US and Canada, the rogue still sells very well. I drove one as a rental car and it's awful.

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      I get these (and smaller Rogue Sport) as rentals all the time. I don't think they are awful at all. They are not class-leading in any respect, but given their discount (usually thousands of dollars) to Honda and Toyota, I can see why people buy them. The ride is smooth and quiet and the interior is roomy. Enthusiats whine about the CVT, but if you don't drive it like an idiot (it is a family CUV, not a BMW M car afterall), it's completely transparent.

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    Andreja Milojkovic

    Do the test of the facelifted Kadjar.
    With the new engines and a bit more modern cabine, it’s great value for money.

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    Dionisius Kusuma

    The new generation of this car (Nissan Rogue as called in USA) is currently being tested. It will have a new modern interior befitting today's standard

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    Wow, this must a complete SLUG with those tiny motors you get in Poland. Here in North America, we get 2.5L petrol with about 170-180hp: no speed demon but fine. And our motor still gets >30mpg (less than 8 litre/100km). Where are yours manufactured? Here they are made in USA, not in Japan.

    • Avatar

      I assume it's made in one of Nissan's Far Easter plants.
      When you say >30mpg, do you mean city or highway? Because driving at a constant speed for a couple hundred miles you're going to get much better result in this one.

    • Avatar

      Marek Drives 30mpg combined city and highway. I’m not surprised your tiny petrol has better economy.

    • Avatar

      It's not that simple. Smaller engines tend to do well in a limited rev/speed band. A larger displacement engine is usually significantly more efficient at high speed. Which begs the question, do we need large displacement engines at all (besides specific tasks, where power and torque are needed, like maybe in pickup trucks and off-roaders)? In most cases the speed limit is 120-140 km/h, so a V8 or V12 basically idles at that speed 🙂

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    Carlos Ghosn, the former Nissan chairman who fled Japan while facing four criminal charges, has vowed to clear his name and said his detention was the result of the actions of "a handful of unscrupulous, vindictive individuals at Nissan" – I think that those individuals were X-Trail owners.

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    Looks pretty nice, but it does not stand out. I like station wagons best.

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    Now that's what I call a great review…..warts and all. Well done Marek 🙂

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    Duster is a better car

    • Avatar

      It's smaller, and has no 7-seater option. It's different. Also, I don't think the current engine lineup is enough to achieve the 95g CO2 average, so the Duster is likely to become very expensive very soon.

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    Fransia Potiente

    It’s really very annoying seeing that all the car companies reducing the cost of making a model in order to increase their profit. And in the end the result is an ugly car, poor quality everywhere and accessories from the past decade. And I haven’t mentioned the price that is totally absurd

  15. Avatar

    Marek będzie focus 🙂 czy wygonili cię z salonu forda?

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    Sarcastic and down to earth reviews are the most sutisfying to watch. That's why I'm still subscribed. Creds for showing bad quality aspects of the car. I think it is imported as a honest car reviewer to pay attention to this kind of stuff. Also we, your watchers as potentional buyers appreciate it. Best wishes for in the 2020!. PS: any chance of reviewing a PHEV from top/most popular brands any soon?

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    Ladislav Lučivjanský

    Why u don't tell obvious cliche about defects?
    Shit reviewers say "its pre-production car, your will be fine". # end of sarcasm.
    GJ, great review.

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    I don't think i ever understood the point of "optional 7 seater" suv's my dad got a 2018 highlander a while back and so far it hasn't had more than 4 people in it. Looking at the boot space alone, I'd imagine even if we somehow had more than 5 people in need of transit we'd have far more use of a minivan than the anemic third row.

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      I on the other hand have neighbours with 3 sons. They fit in their 5-seater VW Sharan, but they complain without the 2 extra seats they have to take the second car, for example when they want to take the in-laws out for dinner.

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    I guess it depends on how many kids you have and how u like to drive. For me the Civic was a great family car, 17000 Eur with all bells and whistles i need, lots of room in the back, lots of room in the boot and pleasant driving experience. With 2 kids i would always go for a hatchback style car, i just don't like SUV's but understand the appeal for some people.

  20. Avatar

    Sarcastically: Renault 44 kEuro….

  21. Avatar

    That happens when you buy a Renault.

  22. Avatar

    Just seems badly built and without real selling points. I guess the price is a selling point but you can buy a 1 year old demo car for the same and it's gonna be better.

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    Family consisting of one wife and one baby girl, sometimes a granny traveling with us. Had a debate beforehand with my mates, who urged me to go for a 5 series touring, but I still chose a sedan. Nothing has beaten it yet, it's comfy enough, sporty enough and the boot swallows entire planets. Economy is OK as well, getting 6.2 l/100 km with an average speed of 56 km/h.

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    I like comfortable cars, but also with good drive. Watching this review, I think X-Trail is not for me. I had Golf 7,now I drive C-Trek, which is Volkswagen Bora AllTrack in China. Thanks Marek. Dislike is for the car, not you.

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    I owe 2016 xtrail. The nissan platform is old and thus heavy. New platform version of xtrail shold be lighter and yes seats do not have memory function and It sucks.

  26. Avatar

    What a depressing vehicle. Who buys this mediocre thing and do they live long enough to talk about it?

  27. Avatar

    That blank stare at 2:43.

  28. Avatar

    haha, tailgating champion in his what mobile?? Oh man, that was funny.

    • Avatar

      Rep-mobile 🙂

    • Avatar

      @Marek Drives haha, what's a rep mobile? OMG I watched the polish version to see if that was a translation

    • Avatar

      Sales rep car. As in a very popular fleet car. Sales reps around here are notorious for driving like dicks.

      I guess a nondescript rental car would be the best way to picture a rep-mobile (as in the most bland fleet car you can imagine), but we're still missing the "driving like a dick" part. Hence I went with the tailgating champion. Which is something I stole from the Pan-Arabia Enquirer t-shirt 🙂

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    Thanks for the review – i found it very helpful

  30. Avatar

    With electric seats you can get an exact position which is important to little people like me, sometimes I find I need a position halfway between the notches on some cars without.

  31. Avatar

    Garbage transmission on an otherwise good car, a friends work had 5 with a 100% failure before trade in time.

    • Avatar

      Took my Subaru Forester to the garage last year for a set of New tyres , got chatting to the mechanic and he said he'd had a NISSAN rep in that day …..I asked what was he driving ? …..the mechanic said a Subaru Outback. …

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    I do not understand how this model can compete with VW, KIA, Peugeot or any other. It is so behind in all aspects and has just no purpose to exist in the market at all. The last hope for Japanese quality seems is lost as well. I guess manufacture is relying on some group of buyers that have huge inertia in decision making, have no access to youtube, or try to be original making inadequate choice.

  33. Avatar

    When I hear Nissan I remember Almera, Primera. Quite decent cars for their days. Now I hear about poor sound insulation, questionably quality. Strange, because it's 2020. By the way during winter water under so called sophisticated antenna can freeze and then antenna may fall off:)

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    one of my biggest mistake of my life,2 years ago i decided to buy one of this car now i have put it on for sale i have found it unreliable and boring after couple years of driving it

  35. Avatar

    Can't understand it, my son has the 2017 tekna diesel, he loves it great size for the family 7 seats easy to drive very comfortable and doesn't seem to have the same problems which have been mentioned in the new model.

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    אייל שניידר

    nissan europe is with renault engines diffrent then nissan america and australia.

  37. Avatar

    Some good inf o . Thx

  38. Avatar
    vasileios xanthopoulos

    Germany 2018 xtrail hat 1.6 Petrol shifter 2020 has a 1.8 Petrol with an automatic.

  39. Avatar
    Dimitris Petridis

    I own this car for almost two years. I am more than satisfied with it! Truly now, are you kidding with your review? The car is excellent in any condition I ve had. It is well build and is one of the best family car. Ok, it is not very fast, but you don’t buy it for racing (unless you are an idiot).
    Ps: before xtrail I had two BMWs The car has nothing to envy!
    If you think to buy it, just Buy it! It worth every cent

    • Avatar
      bojan radovanovic

      Right now i have 2015 f10 serie and 2019 1,6d Xtrail.
      It is completely different cars…xtrail is much better for space, as a driver you have a better overview of traffic and steering is very light, but BMW is better in any other way.
      It is soundproof, much better to drive (even though, Nissan is actually easier to park in the city), iDrive is unbeaten when it comes to infotainment and it is just a car that you feel so much better sitting in…

      Of course, purposes are different (that's why we have 2 so different cars), but if I would need to choose only one, Nissan Xtrail wouldn't be a choice.

    • Avatar

      Does it have fitted Renault engine? Did you have constantly mechanical problems or breakdowns?

  40. Avatar
    Kausal Subedi

    Lmao here in Nepal it costs $127,000 ( USD) 😹😹

  41. Avatar

    It's a great car! I have Nissan Xtrail 2014 S and I've been using for 6 years now. And still runs smooth, super reliable car. I've installed Android head unit on it and I like it. If you want to see my Android head unit, check my video.

  42. Avatar

    Thanks marek, I have a. 2.0 2017 Trail , was thinking or moving to the 2020 , I’m looking elsewhere now!

  43. Avatar

    We have a 2018 version and its perfect. 2.0 motor and an automatic gear shift. Great even when wanting to drive fast

  44. Avatar

    Look its a biggish car for the money and it does have its merits but if i had a choice it would be the Mazda cx5

  45. Avatar

    Whats up with your jeans?

  46. Avatar

    “Mach one in his rep mobile” 😂

  47. Avatar

    The 2020 X-Trail model was planned to be produced in Sunderland, England the UK, but the Brexit Referendum happened causing Nissan management to cancel the plan, they stated BREXIT as the cause. More recently theyve now decided to reduce Sunderland car production again by cutting production of Premium Infiniti Q30. & Brexit hasn't even happened yet. Future is bleak for UK car industry.

  48. Avatar

    Latest generation of diesel engines need premium fuels to perform properly.
    When the DPF is regenerating, fuel consumption increases and performance falls. Unfortunately there is no warning from the dash to alert you to the fact the DPF is regenerating..
    5 litres per 100km is easily achieved with BP Ultimate in this car.

  49. Avatar

    This is a poor review. The guy just makes snippy little points like he is some sort of expert. He ain't.

  50. Avatar
    Ilias Karatairis

    good job m8

  51. Avatar

    Sounds like a bit of a hater. Probably works for a rival company. I Love my Nissan Xtrail

  52. Avatar

    They sold you a donkey mate. You should have realised when the steering wheel was on the wrong side. Johnny plonker!

  53. Avatar
    Paddy Stubbs

    One of the best motor reviews I've seen recently.

  54. Avatar
    Ioannis Ntentis

    The car is not made for villagers in Poland that flash lights to overtake

  55. Avatar
    Angus McDonald

    My main car is a Skoda Superb 190 DSG sportline hatch but due to a tech fault. I was to day given the Xtrail Nconnecta ( I think) in diesel. I thought previously that xtrails were full of tech , looked good and drove good. Hmm in my opinion , no. It wallows , lacks power , the steering is poor and the cabin is way too low rent. Small screen with a total lack of modern function. The car does look good but its miles away from anything out of the VW range including Skoda. Sure , if you drive slowly and carefully it does the job. A poor cousin of the previous models

  56. Avatar
    Joose Kähkönen

    To be honest it is the least favorite car that I’ve ever driven, just nothing special about it really

  57. Avatar

    Most efficient heater… you mean the heat system is not working!

  58. Avatar
    Gary John Baker

    Oh dear! What a lovely looking load of rubbish from Nissan. Good honest review though. Considering this model has been with us since 2013 and what a looker it was when it first came out. It’s the big sister to the Qashqai and that still look fresh. Ok it’s age has stood up well but just you wait and see what Nissan part of Renault’s replacement for the old Xtrail will be like. 2020/21 Nissan Xtrail will be great if they don’t scrimp on their engine output. I’d love to see a V6 3ltr diesel transplanted in the engine bay but I’d have more luck pissing in the wind seeing that happening. Come on Nissan, give VW Touareg a run for their money in the power ratings.

  59. Avatar

    …when you test cars but don't know shit about cars…

  60. Avatar

    Škoda Kodiaq seems like a much better choice…

  61. Avatar

    From start to end you haven't said anything good about this SUV, why make a review if you hate it, it might be another company's gain

    • Avatar

      I said what I think is good and bad about this car. It is possible that what I think is good is – in your opinion – just as bad, but that's not my fault you think this car is crap and I cannot convince you otherwise.

  62. Avatar

    wait r u polish because I am but I live in ireland,ale super

  63. Avatar

    I will buy new Nissan X-trail

  64. Avatar

    You remind me of Clarkson but it’s obvious that you’re not trying to be like him. BIG THUMBS UP. 👍👍 Excellent review 👏👏

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