MINI Cooper SE – Electric MINI (ENG) – Test Drive and Review – [Video]

Kanał YouTube „Marek Drives” opublikował nowy filmik.
Serdecznie zapraszamy do oglądania i subskrybowania kanału.

Źródło do kanału:

O Mateusz Stepien

Mateusz Stepien
Właściciel firmy Magic-IT, wielki fan motoryzacji, który nie boi się dzielić swoją wiedzą.

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Kanał YouTube „Marek Drives” opublikował nowy filmik. Serdecznie zapraszamy do oglądania i subskrybowania kanału.

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    whaaaaaaat? Haven't watched your channel in the last half year a lot (but the years before a lot), and I always had though what a pitty, for many years: so few subscriber at this quality. And now suddenly 199.000 subs. How great is that! Where did the boost come from? However, DESERVED!

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      Thanks and welcome back!
      I play the long game, but in the last year one of the biggest subscription drivers was the Velar vs. GLE video.

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    At the risk of being boring, Too expensive and limited and not value for money, a car that covers ALL driving is more practical… while it has brand recognition and traditional looks, and has that appealing funky look, I won't be parting with nearly 40k just yet.!! I will be seeking a more practical Motor with more bang for MY buck……

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      The car cost $19k in the USA after incentives. Dealers in the USA are still charging $20k plus for a used dirty 2017 i3 with no backup camera.

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    Great photography! The shots following the car reminded me of the camera work in the tv show Homecoming (2019). I thought you had drone following you, but when you were on the bridge, the camera did a 360 degree turn. HOW DID YOU DO THAT????!!!!Excellent work

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    First time watching one of your videos and got to say very impressed keep up the good work

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    Not sure if it's the slight additional ride height or what but the wheels (not just this style) look disproportionally small in the Mini electric.

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    Soo f expensive! !

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    Really beautiful drive !
    Just got one ☝🏾

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    The range is lame. Holy, what are the Germans doing? Tesla is pumping out rock bottom quality cars and nobody wants to compete with them. Anyways, thanks for the review Marek!

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      This is recycling of tech that has many people scratching their heads in the first place.

      Tesla quickly realised that if they do not start providing charging facilities nobody is going to buy their cars, because otherwise EVs are just inconvenient. Even in Canada I saw EVs mainly around Vancouver. Not so much in Toronto. I guess range is more of an issue in North America, where commute between the suburbs and downtown can be much longer than in Europe. It's a shorter trip across Belgium than from Calgary to Edmonton 🙂

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      @Marek Drives Range of commutes is much farther in Canada, yes. Also, many people drive to cottages 2 to 3 hrs away. Add in winter, which will kill the range of this and it just seems like dead on arrival. But in the end, people I talk to, are wondering how Tesla Model 3 can give so much range at a much cheaper price relative to the new OEM offerings. Yes the price of this is cheaper but it's range, percentage wise, is much smaller. (and Tesla offers charging stations.) Having said this, Tesla just got rated rock bottom in quality control. The only company being competitive is Hyundai. And maybe the new Ford Mach E. Now I'm wondering how the ID3 and ID4 will compete. Actually, the Mach E and ID4 might be the first real threat to Telsa. Mach E has more than 50k orders.

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      Tesla build quality is average at best by European standards, and AFAIK their service is notoriously nonchalant (to put it mildly). Also in Europe they are approaching the premium end of the price spectrum. So for Tesla money you can buy a really good D segment car or a crossover with no range anxiety and more family oriented.

      So perhaps there is not that much demand. As much as I am excited every time I get to review an EV or a PHEV, I quickly realise how privileged I am to have a charging socket at my house, and how often the car doesn't fit my lifestyle. And I'm not ready to pay the early adopter's premium for a car that won't save me any money (at least not in Poland).

      Also Tesla claimed range is relevant in optimum conditions, which is North American cruising at a relatively low and constant speed.

      The top speed limit across most of the US drives is 115-120 km/h, Canada it's 100-110. It's 120-140 in Europe (plus unrestricted sections in German), and this gives EVs a real test of range. I find anything above 100 km/h kills the range.

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    Nice camera work and production. Great review.

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    Range range and range. That is what must be improved on this and all electric cars. Give me 500 miles between charging and a 75% charge in an hour and we are talking business.